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Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer Happenings

Just a couple of pictures to share the latest addition to our homestead...a new porch and front yard. We sometime think we have not done much lately, then we stop and think about what we have gotten done since we moved here a year ago Oct 1. Yep it has nearly been a year already.

What a nice addition, this porch. All during the winter it was an issue to get wood, when stepping outside the front door it was about an 8 inch step down a slopped and slippery area, usually covered with ice and snow, now we have a nice flat and dry concrete patio, which is covered so our wood will stay dry. The mud issue has been helped with the addition of gravel to create a front yard. While Samantha, Andy and the boys visited in July, Bryce and Tristan helped Papa dig the fire pit and bring in the rocks. The 5th wheel now serves as a guest room. All of these things make us feel very rich.

Josh, Michele, Desi and Brandyn came for a visit this weekend, we got to enjoy that patio and fire pit again. Kirks parents will be here day after tomorrow for a few days .

Somethings are still in disarray, but we are getting there. Next on the agenda is a well so we can stop hauling water.

That is it for right now, just wanted to share our new yard and guest room with you all.
Until later.

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Susan said...

It looks fabulous! Is that the same swing frame where I propped my camera back in June to get pics of the moon?