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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Happy New Year


I am sitting here waiting for my grilled ham and cheese
sandwich to finish grilling, happy with the
results of a big embroidery project, 
that had some rocky moments.  
It is freezing outside 6 degrees at 1pm
a warm fire is going in the stove.
The Christmas tree is still up and lite, 
it will remain so until the needles begin falling, it 
is the only sign of spring to come,  it 
has slowed down on it's water consumption so I fear
that is not far off.

2014 has been a busy year, and I sit here surrounded
by embroidery hoops, stabilizer and temporary fabric adhesive
my mind wonders back to the events of the last 12 months.

My sewing machine, embroidery machine and longarm have
been very busy.  
If you have been following along you know I was given
the honor of making 4 custom quilts
and two bathrobes for one family.
Have lost track of how many beautiful
personalized embroidered towel set I have done.
I have also been able to quilt a number of quilts for other quilters.
You can see these things here

We have made a few trips to Ca., to help with the 
MORE off road races.
In fact, I just finish a jacket with the logo on it.
Doing something new can sure be a challenge, but  more
so a learning process.
Here are some pictures 
(a blog post without pictures is boring, right?)

Sure turned out great, and thanks to
Mark Sweeney's amazing work digitizing of the designs,
(making the artwork so the machine understands
how to stitch it out) we have great success.
I am thankful to have found a good digitizer.
I would like to someday learn how to do this but right now
I am still working on learning how to embroider.

Here is another design Mark helped us with

 I also have some ideas for girls hoodies and will share them
once done.

I am expecting this will be a year of embroidery.
So you will see alot of posts, I have no doubt.

So from a fall and injury in January, trips back and forth 
to Ca.,  lots of sewing projects, gardening,
having two of our grandsons and son-in-law here for hunting, 
and a very cold snowy start to 2014-2015 winter,
it has been a busy, fun and sometimes waring year
but I would not trade it.
We have be so blessed, we have our health,
we will be fed and stay warm.

Happy New Year to you and your family
and May our Father in Heaven
Bless you richly with health, peace and love

Kirk and Gail

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Good Grief

Good Grief

I can not believe how lax I have been this year.
It has been a busy year and my lack of posts here
sadly proves it.
We have made many trips to California
I have made 6 quilts and
learned to be friends with my embroidery machine.
Cut more weeds then I ever want to see again.
And I have neglected this blog and

To over whelmed, I guess
my gardens suffered, too.

We have had a lot of changes.
We no longer have the cows
  Our little herd grew with 6 calves, but with our traveling
it became painfully clear we can not do both, so
they went to new homes.

I have been honored to create several quilts this year.

We still have our chickens
I hope this next year I will be more 
accustom to the busy schedule 
and better able to keep up.

We have already begun the winter months,
so with the quilts completed and
work on Christmas gifts underway, 
I am hoping to calm down.

Our second snow, 18 inches for Thanksgiving.

May the Holidays of 2014 be a blessing.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 Has Begun

2014 started out quite, but could it last?
of course not.
This beautiful snow and the below 0 weather
has created alot of ice, now that things warmed up
some.  Get out those flip flops it is 40 out, which
means the snow melts and becomes ice at night.
You guessed it, the ice and I had a run in and I lost,
just a sprained wrist thankfully,
healing is progressing well, 
should be ready for gardening season.

Time to cruise the see catalogs.


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Last half of 2013

It has been a hard last half of 2013

We have lost 3 of our parents since August.
Kirks Dad and Mom, then my Mom
(dad passed 6 years ago)

After the two trips to Ca and one to Nv 
we are ready to just stay home.

To help bring a smile back to my face, 
Kirk did something he dislikes doing
He put up Christmas lights.

 Kirk made this cactus when we lived in Ca.  we gave 
it to his parents when we moved.  I was one of the things we
brought home with us after their passing.

 His Mom had it decked in lights, so we did the same.
Love it
 With the new carport, I wanted to put the lights on it
this was not an easy task.

 Then he put red lights on the caboose....cute!
The lights make us BOTH smile. 

Things are calming down
Other then a week of very, very cold weather
we are getting back to normal.  

Have a blessed rest of 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Around the Homestead

Around the homestead

Missy Moew taking a nap....on an antler shed.....silly kitty.
 Flowers decorating the porch

 Beautiful sunset, last night.
Hard to believe July is half over, seems like summer just began.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What is it?

What in the world is he doing?

I know you have been wondering what in the world that
big white box is.  Well, you see it is a box from
a semi truck, you know that ones you see all the time 
going cross country.  We used that to haul our 
treasures here from California.

It has been sitting there for 7 years now and serves as
a storage shed.  We have not been able to figure out
how to make it fit into the place.
I thought we should just paint it the color of the dirt
so it would just blend in.
Then one day Kirk came up with this idea....
 I love it when he gets creative like this.
 I never would have thought of it, mainly because I could
not carry it out.  He can though.  He has the talent.
 Yes a caboose!
He built the top and the porch
more details are coming and I will share them.
 We got it painted this last weekend.
So here is the new car port (er....truck port)
and caboose.  LOL.  

We do not live in a normal house,  
and I am thankful for that, because this is alot more fun
all us.
No one will have trouble finding our house.    LOL!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Carport Work

Carport Work Continues

I am happy to say the carport is built.

It was rather frustrating, as the week we 
had planned to work on this project with the
help of some folks from Tennessee, it just kept raining.
Finally on Saturday, June 1 the sun came out.
In the morning the team from Tennessee came over
and helped Kirk get the rafters up.
Just look at that sky, so beautiful, so beautiful.
The work went fast with all the help.
This group came to Hyattville on a mission trip, to help 
others wherever needed, and we are so thankful for 
the time they put in to help get this part of the roof done.
Here (below) you can see the new structure as it relates to the house.
After a break to attend a wedding, 
and what a beautiful day for a wedding,
two friends came and 
helped get the sheeting put up.
The help Andy and Tomy gave is so appreciated.
From the underside, sure looks different.
Sheeting going up on the other side.
All the sheeting on and the widows peak formed
Project signed and dated.
So the roof is installed, but we are not done yet, some decorating to do.
Lights should be here today, will  share the final  touches

So thankful for all the help we have gotten on this project.
We could not have done this alone......
er......Kirk could not have done it alone.  Grin.