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Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Should be Fired

I Should be Fired

I am terrible at writing these days.

I figure it is time I wrote something to let
others know we are still alive and kicking here in Wyoming.

There are many things to share that I have
failed to post.  I think I will start with our current 
project and work backwards.

I share this because it was a big event in 
our lives, really a shocker.

Back on July 27th a storm rolled into our little valley
but from a direction that was not ususal.
Our grandson Bryce was here visiting and working
for the summer and was here at home with me.
The wind hit us so hard I thought it was a tornado.
Oh my goodness.

Once it stopped, which was fast and hard ( just 10 seconds if that).
We went out to see what was going on.  I had noticed my swing
was knocked over and was sure things had been moved around
under the carport. 

Boy  was I shocked when I  opened the shop
door saw this.

 A huge gaping hole in the shop roof, 
door standing open (when it had been closed) and 
a log from the carport inside the shop.
 Next we went out to the carport.  
Here is what we found.
Gone, and not a sign of the carport except 
bits and pieces and yes my truck was there and
badly damaged.

 Those logs are about 12 inches across
and landed on the truck.
There were 2 of those big trusses, but only one remained.
Where did all the rest of the wood, the other truss and 
all that tin go?  There was no evidence of
it to be found in the yard.
It was not a tornado, but straight line wind that pack
one heck of a punch.  
All of that carport was carried over the top of the house
and dropped about 100 feet behind the house and over the 
next 1/4 mile straight back.  Huge beams twisted and torn.

Our insurance company did a good job of helping us
get things fixed.  The new carport is in progress,
truck is fixed (so pretty again), and other small damages
are also being taken care of.

That was our excitement  for the year, and it 
certainly was enough.

More things to share, progress on the quilting studio.
Tire wall progress.

May you be blessed.

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