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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gardening take 2

The other day I tried to share with you the work I had been doing in the yard. This is a picture of what I had accomplished last year. Gathering rock from around the yard to cover this small hill below where the 5th wheel is parked, our guest house. All about out property are rocks, lots of rocks, tons in pinks and greens. With water being low (we have to haul it), I did not get anything much planted.........................

This year I have added some wine barrels to the site, more rocks to gather as you can see. I will be using the barrels for veggies. I'd also like to add a picket fence above them to cover the wheels of the 5th wheel and to keep the dogs from going up thru there.

Our next garden venture is a small greenhouse off the front of the house, I will post more about that and the gardening season.

Happy Spring to everyone.


Gabriele said...

I think your little garden will turn out very nice with the barrels. Can't wait to see a pic once you have plants in it. :o)


Franie said...

Your garden is going to be really pretty and I am anxious to see flowers blooming there or at least vegetables in the barrels. Actually I am anxious to see flowers blooming anywhere! LOL

Fran in AK

Franie said...

I hit return for posting--wonder if it will show up? Love the garden Gail. Oh sorry it has been saved and will show up later--oh well here is another post for you. Keep the blog going --love reading about everything you are doing.