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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Geenhouse Update

An update on the greenhouse. Wahoo!! As you can see some of the walls are taking shape. LOL, I can hear you "walls" ...........yep those are part of the walls, the windows will go in the large upper parts and the bottom parts will get more studs. Ok come on down to the next picture and you'll see

Ok, so this view isn't helping but you can see the roof line and the interior of the greenhouse, what a wonderful day it has been, just beautiful (of course today- the day of this writing is not so nice). The window on the left is the kitchen window, sure changes things in the kitchen with the greenhouse addition.

Now you can see the front of the greenhouse and how it has gone together, with windows all along the front. It will make more scents as we go along. The door will be there by the dish and one more window on that side wall. Oh and you can see the tire planted which has onions growing in it. Ok more later, need to get back to those quilts for the quilt show.

Thanks for check in. Until later.


Susan said...

That's great. It will have an outside door on the end, or is Kirk knocking a hole in the wall for a door into the house? It would be nice to be able to walk in and pick a tomato in the middle of winter, wouldn't it? =)

Gail said...

Susan, yes it will have a door on the end, much easier then what it would take to replace the window with a door and then I'd still need a door to the outside.