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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Urgent Pray Request

I am asking for prayer for a friend of our family. This is a really hard one to write about.

Please pray for Arney. He has just found out he has cancer, Arney is 40, he is married to Sherry and they have 2 children under 10. What makes this cancer so ugly is that it is in his face. They are going to do surgery which will remove the whole left side of his face, eye, teeth, jaw and down into his neck. If he doesn't have the surgery they give him 4 months. With the surgery he will also undergo chemo and radiation.
You can imagine the emotional turmoil this family is going through. Not only the cancer but the very public deformity. How do you explain these things to children?.
Of course he will no longer be able to work and doing the things he loves, will be at the very least be on hold until he can be rehabilitated again. Will he be able to talk?
Insurance is only going to pay for part of it so now they worry about losing everything.
Please add this family to your prayer list, share this request with all you know.

Several years ago I asked you all to pray for my friends GD and you all spread the word and she is now a happy normal 2 year old. So I am asking for the same for Arney.


plantainpatch said...

Praying for Arney!


absolutely! love your opening picture! *!*CAROLE*!*

Dena said...

Oh my gosh Gail. I will definitely be praying for Arney. Please give he and his wife an extra hug for me.
(Thanks too for the sweet comments you left on my blog)