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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A wall of Leggo's

At this point each step in the construction process is very noticeable. My last post was about what a big step getting started on the wood/stick wall was. I have to say that this new wall is pretty impressive.

These blocks remind me of giant leggo's. There arrived in a big semi truck. Each block is 16 x 48". The insulation value of this kind of wall is R50. Kirk decided to do this kind of wall for several reasons, one being ease, the other the R value. This wall will hold the hill back and cool the house. It is 10 feet tall. The two men had the wall up in 6 hours, alot different the concrete block. It is not a cheap venture, each block is $25.00. A cool thing also is the owner of the company (in red) we bought from comes and helps the homeowner construct their project. He said people are building whole houses with these.

Here you can see the first course going in, also you can see what it will be holding back. Seems this is the view I always get of the work, elbows and behinds indicates work getting done. LOL.

Here are 2 blocks together.

The structure inside the block is this steal configuration, which holds your re-bar. Another thing that is cool about this system is it replaces studs, because where the cross members are you can screw any wall covering to it, be it wood, sheet rock, whatever. So you do not have to build a wall on the inside, since this does it all. They look like leggos don't they?

Here you can see the inside of the wall, once the end caps are put on it will be filled with concrete. Each block is tied to the one above and below it with giant zip ties. There is another part of the system I did not get a picture of, it is a Z panel that lays on the blocks, as you add each 4 feet in height, it strengthens the wall and keeps it straight. Here you see a view of the outside of the wall. This will be back filled. At the base is a french drain, just in case.

Nearly complete, it makes a huge change in the area. We are looking through the bedroom wall, which will have a bay window. You can see the bracing to hold things in place for the pour which will be tomorrow (Thursday the 7th). Then the bay wall and second floor will go on. The ceiling for the bottom floor is 10 feet.

I want to take this time to say a big thank you to those who have assured me that this blog is being read. It is my desire to encourage others to take a chance in life, step out and try something new.


Susan said...

Thanks for these detailed pics, Gail. That's just what I love to see - how something works. Paul's looking at it, too. We had thought maybe strawbale when we finally settle down. Now we'll look at this, too.

Anna said...

I love all the pics that you add it is very intesting to see everything that is happening at your place