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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Really, we have had water for about 2 weeks now, I am just a bit late in writing about it. Alot of things have happened in that two weeks, some a comedy of errors and the other the lose of our neighbor and friend.

The digging begins here at the meter pit, we have some of the worst "dirt", it is so sticky when it is wet and we have gotten so much rain this spring. We took the first opportunity and dry day in weeks to get going on this project.
Thank goodness we had this trackhoe to do the digging, it was even hard and laborious then. Because of the depth of the freezes here we had to go down 5 feet into the earth for 500 feet, over hill and dell.

Starting at 8 am this is the progress by 4 pm. The dirt is so hard and sticky, Kirk had to dig out the bucket because it got impacted. I took the picture at about the half way point, on top of the hill.

We have to go over the where the telephone pole is, we have plumbing up to that point for outside faucets. Plus a leg off to the right on the other side of those little mounds for a faucet for the garden.

The next day we had some help, Dave did the digging while Kirk put the line in. I stayed inside because I was cooked from the day before. It was ok with me, I am not to good at that kind of stuff and it was HOT.

The above picture is taken from the porch of the house, Dave is digging near the garden.
Below, is taken from upstairs and you can see all the dirt they moved on the second day.
We have running water, no more storage tanks, hauling water or pressure pumps coming on day and night. Ater nearly 4 years of hauling water, it is not hard to get used to. We do appreciate it though, oh and I can do laundry when ever the mood strikes.......LOL.

Oh and I had to share with you..............Missy Mew no longer fits in the thong.

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Linda said...

You are making progress! Very nice!!!