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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lilies...Flower Power

I had to share with you the beautiful lilies I planted. These are the "first" flowers I have planted in the "landscape". We are still under construction so landscaping is not something to be done. It seem things are always in the way and changing. There is a spot on the edge of the hill that is safe to plant now. So I got these lilies and put the bulbs in hoping that they would grow in this nasty "dirt". It is so sticky when it is wet and turns to powder when dry. I understand clay soil, I had alot of it in CA. this is different, it sticks to the shovel and digging it is like hitting rubber. I have to figure out how to overcome this stuff.
In the veggie garden I have put in raised beds and will make my soil inside them. What I have found to be wonderful in these beds is straw and compost/red clay soil combo. It turns to a beautiful planting medium. My plan for the rest of the landscape is to cover it with cardboard, grass clipping (from neighbors) and hopefully cow droppings (after all there are cattle ranches all over the place). Then do the no dig method. I can only hope to get it deep enough for things to grow.

Well, on to the lilies.........if you have any suggestions for improving this rubber like soil...
please share.

If your noticing chewed leaves..........we have had grasshoppers really bad the last 2 years, they have eaten just about everything....even my yarrow is eaten to the ground. The only things they have left me is my tomato plants (eating the tomatoes) and the squash plants. GRRRRR


Candi said...

OH Gail they're beautiful, Lillies are one of my favorites:)

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Beautiful lilies.

Kate said...

Gorgeous! How exciting... your garden is underway. I've got bugs eating all of my greenery, too. :((

Susan said...

Your lilies are gorgeous! Do the marigold plants discourage the grasshoppers? I know they worked for some other insects and gophers.