Welcome to our Wyoming blog. On this blog I have been sharing how we came to move here and the 'adventure' we have been on every since. We started with a hillside, and today (6 years later) are finally putting in some landscaping. We are by no means done. I hope you will come along on our adventure.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Have Landscaping!

Landscaping! Yes, we have landscaping.  We are finally to the point in our building
that we can put in landscaping so we got some trees and some shrubs.  
So here they are;
Hawthorn - Paul's Scarlet
Spring Snow Flowering Crab Apple
Limber Pine - Vanderwolf's pyramid
Close up of  Limber Pine.  This tree is so cool,
it has 5 needles per bundle, it is kinda fluffy.
Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

Catmint - Walkers low

Russian Sage
I know this may not be all that exciting but if you are a gardener 
and you have not been able to put anything in the ground 
for 5 years it is exciting.  Grin.

I wanted to take a moment to ask those who follow this blog for 
your forgiveness.  We have been so busy around here
I have been neglectful of this blog.
I hope to do better.  I would like to invite you
all to visit my other two blogs
Big Horn Mountain Creations
Decorating my Tin Shack
both with links in my side bar.
Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment so I will know you came by.


eileeninmd said...

Congrats, I know you must be very happy to be able to do your landscaping. I love the pines and the russian sage is a favorite of mine. I know you will enjoy your new home.

Susan said...

Those are all such gorgeous plants. I'm imagining it in a few years, with the trees bigger, and bushes for the others. Really pretty on your hill!

Holly said...

Hi Gail~ I am looking forward to visiting your other sites. This one caught my eye because I live in Colorado and visited a close friend last summer in Pinedale, WY. I just stopped by to say "hello" and that I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of Pink Ladies.

Marydon said...

Gail ~ I checked & I don't have the name of my pink paint but it is a Benjamin Moore color. It is a brighter pink than shows in the pics.

Love this 'Wyoming' spot ... will follow along with you here, also.

Beautiful country out there.

Have a lovely summer's eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

jackiero said...

Hi Gail :D May your beautiful new plants grow to your dreams!

Jackie in NC (my DH & I dream of living in the Cody to Frannie area)