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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Deal With Teal

The Deal with Teal
Playing in the Greenhouse

Oh my what a beautiful day it was today
I could not do anything but spend it outside.

Spinach, lettuce, sage, basil, green peppers, 
pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelon,
parsley and nasturtiums were planted.
Beds dug in preparation for 25 asparagus crowns
Teal spray paint.
You must know that Teal has become a favorite color around here.
To most that may be no big deal, but it is here
because I am not a blue lover, except for my blue jeans that is.
So when I found Teal and realized I love it, well
you can imagine.  
Now I have Teal glasses for my summer drinks (well really any drink)
 Teal crystals on my candelabra
a Teal shower curtain and now Teal hanging planters

I also got these sweet spring colors when I bought the Teal
these are slated for a different project, but I will
just have to get another can of Teal paint, because
painting the planters was to happen today.

The planters before..........Teal.....just a bit ordinary.
Now doesn't that look better.......
Hanging to dry......I still have 3 more to do, but need more paint
going to town tomorrow........

So cute, now I can't wait to get flowers in them

I also played in the greenhouse today and 
thought I'd share some of the pretties growing in there.

Hens and Chicks
awaiting moving to the garden.

More hens and chicks
hey there is another basket/planter....where is my spray can?
Got up to nearly 90 today in the greenhouse.

The tomato plants......just a few more weeks and they will go 
outside into the wine barrels in their wall-O-waters until such time
as the night temps stabilize.

Geraniums, petunias (these are hold overs from last year, I kept them inside
all winter and they are blooming again, I have calendula blooming for a second year as well). 
I have forgotten the name of this little one.
Next up, Catnip.
you can really see the square stem here, which means
catnip is a member of the mint family.
Well, now you know the deal with Teal.
I hope you have enjoyed the wee tour of the greenhouse.
I am glad spring is here.....
though I feel badly for all the folks who have been impacked
by the terrible tornadoes down south and on the east coast.
It has been a really rough 3 days on them.

Prayers for the families of those who died and
for those who lost property.

May God Bless you and keep you.

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