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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hyattville Flooded Again........

Hyattville Flooded Again

We had 4 days after the last flooding
to get back to normal.  I say we, but really it is the folks 
in town.
After 2 days of 95+ degree weather we knew
it was going to hit again, 
though we hoped it wouldn't be so bad, 
but last night about 1 am 
it began again.

Now mind you these pictures were taken at 7:15 am
so the waters have gone down.

Same bridge I have shown you before (see last two posts)
and that is where the horse was swept under, 4 days ago.
This is the Medicine Lodge Creek.
The Paint Rock is down that road on the south side of town.

The creek (the Paint Rock) by the white house more swollen then ever, with
debris washing down, never a good thing.
A wider view.
Last night we went down for pizza,  the water was pretty much back within
its normal track, on the way home from pizza - about
1 1/2 hours later,  the water was back up to the road, yes that fast.
This is how it looks this morning.  Its normal track is over among 
those trees.
Paint Rock Creek. (right leg)
This time the two legs of the Paint Rock, overflowed and crossed the field completely.
Left leg behind those threes.

More water where it does not belong.
Looking back, toward the Paint Rock.   BTW, we live on the other side
of that hill in the back ground, so we had no clue anything was happening.

The creek has overflowed it banks, this is the the Paint Rock (left leg of it)

In the middle of town looking toward the Medicine Lodge.
4 days ago, in order to release the flooding a trench 
was cut across the main road.  The county then
came in and put a pipe in the ground, but
it did not do its job (probably to small) and 
it was ripped back out last night in order to get the water flowing again.

These will look familiar because the same homes and businesses were flooded,
plus some new ones.

This is new flooding.

And this is 3 times as much as it was 4 days ago, can you imagine
what it was like last night, since I took these 5 hours later?

Water flowing into the trench dug across the road.  Even 5 hours later
it was covered close to half of my tires on my jeep.

In front of that green house, looking toward the Medicine Lodge

Remember the little white house on the creek, it got flooded
this time and see the water all around it?
  Some furniture was removed and windows opened up.
Can you see the water mark on the chimney?

Looking back at the green house (see older posts).

Pasture where the horses where and to the right of the white house.

Looking across from the bridge and white house, the fields are flooded.
It is another warm day, so we are not out of the woods yet. 
Still alot of snow on the mountains.
It may be another long night.

God Bless you and Keep you. 

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Kit said...

So sad to see such flooding. We have had a good share around our Clark Fork river too. But happily I am way above the river plain and our rivers are finally receding. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week! Kit