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Friday, December 02, 2005

Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to our blog. I hope you enjoy your visit here and will come back often to check up on our progress. I am not a writer, nor is spelling one of my strong points, so don't laugh to hard. Ok, that being said.

Kirk and I started this journey back in 1996 when we got married, of course we didn't know where our lives would lead. In 1999 we considered the possibility of the talk about the computer problems of the year 2000, and had begun also to consider homesteading, (during this time we had also begun to study the Constitution and taxes) so we began preparing for both by stocking up and learning new skills and ways of living. Our current home being in the desert of Southern California we realized that there wasn't much a person could do there to live, without a grocery store nearby, so we began looking elsewhere for a place where we could live closer to the land. Kirk had been hunting here in Wyoming for a couple of years and loved it, so about 5 years ago, he brought me up to see what it had to offer, it wasn't very long (a couple of days) when I told him I felt like this was home. Being at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, with creeks nearby offered the ability to live more off the land and oh the beauty of all God has created right in our own backyard, so began the search for land here in a valley of cattle ranches. See the view above from our land.

I am sure your thinking, there has to have been more that caused us to consider such a move. Your right, there are alot of things that would make a couple with 3 grown children and 5 small grandchildren to make a radical change, from a corporate job to a homestead type of life and to move so far away from their family. This was not an easy choice as I am sure you have heard others who have made a similar change say. After working 25 years in his profession, it was very hard for Kirk to leave it, for me I took my profession with me..I am a homemaker. Perhaps I will go into more detail at a later date on this, what I will say at this point is that we no long wanted to live in California with the way the state is headed, we are a very conservative Christian couple, who believe in the principles this country was formed on and our state kept going farther and farther away from all the things we hold dear. We wanted to find a place that was more akin to our belief of Constitutional freedoms.

So if I have not lost your interest yet, I hope you will check back and see how this is all unfolding. To wet your appetite, we have choosen to build a strawbale house.



AngieN said...

You say you're not a writer, Glo. I beg to differ. Your blog entries are interesting and well written. The pictures are nice touch, and the all around feel of your blog is very inviting.

I look forward to reading your story, and learning more about straw-bale manufacturing. This is one of my husband's interest. I don't know that we will ever make one, but he finds the concept very interesting.

Regards to you both,
Angie Nudge in California

Jessica McBrayer said...

I saw your entry on the Crafters list and since I recently moved from Wyoming where I was raised I had to check it out. It makes me so homesick to see the beautifull pictures. I am anxiously awaiting more entries as we are also interested in straw bale house building. Best of luck to you. I know you will love your lives in Wyoming. The people are friendly and truly look out for each other. It might interest you to know that 4 out of 5 new phone orders in the Cody area were for people who had moved from california ;-) (this was about 6 years ago). Luckily, there is a lot of room left ;-) Many, many blessings to you and your family.

SaintCaffeine said...

Great post. My wife and I are planning a similar move and are starting to investigate homesteading. I hope to read more so please keep up the writting. You can read about our journey at http://ilivesimply.blogspot.com/

Jana said...

Hello Glo

I love what you have shown so far and who really cares if you spell right or wrong.You are writing from the heart... I believe you and Rick will be blessed for being able to stand firm in your beliefs and I will keep praying for you all. Thanks again for sharing your part of heaven

Jana QOR from Nova Scotia Canada