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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

I have been admonished for procrastion, something I suffer from quit often. Thank you Robbin for give me a push in the right direction.

I pray everyone had a glorious Christmas and a fun New Years celebration. Ours was wonderful to say the least, we traveled back to California. Our oldest daughter, Samantha and DH- Andy joined us with our two oldest grandsons, Bryce and Tristan, from Oklahoma, we have not seen them in 8 months since their move. Tuesday following our arrival our son, Josh and DDIL, Michele, grandaughter, Destiny and third grandson, Brandyn came to Kirks parents, along with Samantha and family, to join in celebration with our youngest daughter, Alyssa and grandson #4, Konner. Mom and Dad opened their home to the crew and I believe we all had a great day of hugging, kissing, talking, playing base ball, riding bikes, swinging, laughing, crying, eating (of course) and partaking of all a family is. I want to say a huge Thank You, Mom and Dad for letting us use your home since we no long have one to entertain in, in Ca.

We then went and visited with dear friends Gilbert and Cathy and ate again, by the way these are some of the most sharing people we know...............they shared their colds with us. LOL.

Christmas Eve found us at Josh and Michele's so we could all be together for gift opening on the big day...........I think the mounds of gifts were higher then the kids. We were all blessed with such love that day, and were also blessed with Geania (Michele's sister) and her boys company, this gal is a hoot. We once again ate our selves silly, wonderful work my dears and they would not let me help..............I am impressed.

Saying good-bye was very hard, tears flowed.

We then made our way to may parents home in Nevada, where we enjoyed the company of my brother, Terry and SIL Karen with nieces Kasey and Jamie, also sister Nancy and niece Allison, we were also surprised by niece Erica and hubby, Stephen they came to visit too. It had been a long time since were have all been together.

Our travel to and from was truly blessed, the roads were clear and aside for about an hour of rain we had great travel, now when we got home that all changed because you see all that beautiful snow from before, well it melted and made major mud, so much so that we could not get our truck up the hill................after slip sliding my way in the mud to our jeep and then slip sliding my way down the hill in it, we left the truck at a friends a made our way back up home and snuggled in our warm little home. The mud is finially drying out.

Anyway, that is the beginning of 2006. I hope your holidays were wonderful.

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