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Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's the small things ....Part ll

When we began this adventure several years back we were the average middle class couple, complete with alot of the trappings. Morgage, car loans, credit card debt, etc. as I mentioned in an earlier post we worked hard to get all except the morgage paid off. We knew that once we did this we would not have a "job" for awhile, so we saved our money and we have been able to build our little house and shop debt free. This is a wonderful thing, but we have to do without a few of the finer things in life, such as TV.........well not everyone thinks TV is a finer thing, but Kirk does, it has been hard for him not to be able to watch it. We were reminded of this today. We went to a "football" gathering in our town and saw some of the new shows that are being previewed for this upcoming week. CSI was one of them, and I realized that I missed that program. One of these days we will get TV..via the dish, until then it will have to be movies, which since Christmas something like 25 have been viewed in our home, sometime 3 a day. So for now Kirk must fall asleep in his recliner with book in hand (oh so very sad), but someday he will graduate back up to sleep via TV.

I wanted to talk a little bit about sand. Sand can be a wonderful thing if your going to the beach, unless of course it gets into your swimsuit. My gardens in Hesperia were very sandy, watering them and keeping amendments around the plant roots was not an easy task, everyone always told me "anything will grow here if you give it enough water" funny, haha. With sand you cannot flood irriagate, the plants will die, why? Sand will not hold water and the moisture just dries right up, the water runs past so fast the roots can't get a drink, I can just see the poor things stinking their tongues out and well pour water over your tongue and see how much water you get, so anyway after some trial and error I figured I had to sprinkle. To keep the soil from drying out so fast you add amendments right? In sand they do the same disappearing act as the water! Ya really. So I figured out that you must copy nature and let the amendments lay on top of the soil and let the sprinkles work them in. There is another aspect of sand, when it rains it then sticks to your shoes and gets tracked all over the house, what a pain..to walk on and to clean up............................So fast forward to Wyoming, I wish I had sand! The stuff here is just that stuff. It holds water, for days and days, I doubt amendments could get down into it, it sticks to shovels, making it nearly impossible to dig wet soil because it won't come off the shovel except with another shovel, thus making this a two person job, one to dig and one to clean the shovel, but who will clean the second shovel? When it is dry, you need a jack hammper or tractor. Now think of how it sticks to the shovel and subsitute shoes, it can rain lightly for 3 minutes and you go out and walk in it, you just grew 5 inches, no joke, the more you walk the taller you get, it then takes 1/2 hour to clean the bottoms of your shoes because it has super glue in it and forget it if you have tracks in your soles (as I do), it is putty knife and screwdriver time. So I say haaray for sand! Oh one other thing about this mud, we have our own personal mud slinging tires, every auto we have slings mud with the best monster truck.

Concrete floors or carpet, no contest here, with the afore mentioned, I own a scraper not an upright vaccume (well I do own the vaccume, but it is in storage).

On a serious note, I would like to share with you the passing of a member of our community. Kelly Dryer passed away this last week. In a small town like this we each touch the lives of those around us. Though we are new here this has been a sad thing for us and I know for all of our friends. I would like to ask prayer for his wife Dee and their family. Kelly is very missed.

Have a wonderful week and remember to hug and kiss those you love because you never know when the Lord will call someone home.

God Bless,

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