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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Kirk keeps saying that he believes that the Lord will restore what the locust have taken away. If you know your Bible you know that one of the passages says He will do this for His children. He sure has been doing it for us.

We have been recieving many blessings since we moved here, not that we had not before, they are just more apparent to us now. Let me relate a few to you;

Gift of a deer for our freezer, we just had to get it processed.
Neighbor came and did some dirt work on our hill for us, to smooth out the bad ruts after a rain.
While road work was being done, a big dump of road base was put up our drive and leveled, to help keep our mud off the road, what a help that was to us.
Constant help from our close friends.
Sales of soaps and lotions to friends on my internet lists, and about town.

The list could go on, but you get the idea. We feel so fortunate to live here, and we keep finding great things happening. The work is beginning to come in, little bits at a time. Developing a website is a new venture and we will see where that leads us. I want to build my soaping sales and to quilt for others. Kirk as you already know builds cabinets though he will do most anything needed, he has cut lumber for local ranchers and really enjoyed the experience. Within 2 days we have recieved calls for woodwork. The shop is nealy up and running so the timing is real close.

We have worked hard and will continue to, as long as the Lord is willing. Thank you Lord for the many blessing you are bestowing upon us.

Night all,

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