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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yes, we are still here

It has been a long time since I last wrote. Time sure does fly, seems that the day is over before it really begins. Is that a sign of old age? The days are getting longer and that is helping this feeling of days speeding by, it also makes it so we don't feel like we have to hurry to get back if we go to town. The roads can be pretty scary at night because the deer like to use the road as well and they don't have any warning light attached to their front or back ends, it really takes two people to drive at night here ( a great thing for us back seat drivers, we can do our craft and be appriciated for it, LOL).

Today Kirk got the BQ out and lite it up and cooked us up some wonderful steaks, a sign that spring is on its way. We had another cold snap, with a few days where the lows were -20 at night and an amazing high of -8 during the day.......now that is cold. Thankgoodness it only lasted a few days and we are back up into the 20+ during the day....Sunday is expected to be 45* we'll need to get the summer cloths out. If it was 45 in So Ca. we'd be freezen our backsides off and here we are sittin in the sun and feelin the burn.

I have been quilting, of course. Michele's CQ (crazy quilt) is getting down to the final steps, the borders will be getting cut and sewn on in the next day or two. Also will begin to cut the squares for the boys I spy quilts, now that I have a new cutting mat...wahoo. The soap business is going pretty well, have some lovely lavender curing and have been playing with a scent a friend wanted me to try.

Kirk has been busy doing things here and there, as well as getting his shop insulated. He gets a chance every now and then to do some shooting (right off our hill). Poor Lady doesn't like the sound of a gun. The other morning there were coyote coming up on our hill, Lady of course went barking, Kirk got out the rifle and went outside. Well, Lady was no where to be found, and when she didn't come to my call I went looking for her, the shots scared her so much she ran away and I found her in town laying on a friends front porch, a 1/4 mile away, she had a nice run back home. Coyote are busy in the early morning and in the evening, I worry about the cat, but so far he has not strayed to far from home and when he is out with us he really looks over the area he hears the coyote calls coming from. Coyote are some of the dangers of living in the country, but then of course we had them in Ca. too.

Not much else to tell at the moment. May God bless you all.

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