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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Your right! It is about time!

My how time flies. I knew it had been awhile since I had posted, sorry about that. As with everyone else we have been busy and/or just to tired/lazy to post. I will try and catch up on what has been happening here on the 'ole homestead'.

Spring has sprung, the wild flowers are abundant though we really have not had much moisture. We did have snow a couple of weeks ago and I am sure it helped. There are all kinds of plants I don't know, some I do know are wild onion, indian paintbrush, evening primrose, mustard, wild sunflower, cactus....I need to get a good book to ID the others, or go on a nature walk with an experienced guide, which is in the plan. We went last evening hunting asparagus with friends Lee and Julie, if you have never had fresh from the plant asparagus you are missing out. It is sweet and tender, it is a wonder were got any of it home, but we did and enjoyed it for dinner tonight. I understand mushroom hunting is not to far off.

We have started out spring garden, we have 3 rows in a shared plot. Julie, Lee, Peg, John, Kirk and I. Lee and Kirk irrigated last evening before we went looking for the asparagus. I am used to using a sprinkler, so irrigating is a new thing for us. It is so peaceful in the garden as you watch the water fill the trenches and soak into the soil. We have 4 potato plants up already. The carrot, green onion and sage seeds are in. Hopefully they will come up soon, the pasture grass is growning to well. Up here on the hill I have a big tractor tire where the luttuce is growing, and today moved the zucchini, patty pan and tomatoes up to gallon pots awaiting a bit more stable weather.

Kirk has built kitchen and bathroom cabinets for a house here in town, and started on a laundry room remodel for another client. He is still doing some milling now and again, and hopes to get the wood soon for a deck out front.

We are looking forward to cleaning up from the construction and from winter, there is alot to be done before Samantha, Andy and the kids get here. We also will enjoy the company of one of my online list buddies and her DH in June, Susan and I will go off to retreat for our quilt group in Great Falls, Montana for about 4 days and the guys are going to build some new cabinets for their 5th wheel and I am sure get in some fishing and target practice.

During this time I have aquired a long arm quilting machine. What fun it is...when I get to use it. I am in the process of making a couple of tops so I can do some more quilting, it is a hard job but someone has to do it. I am pleased to report I am better at it then I thought I would be and one of these days will start to quilt for others.

We will be heading for Ca shortly, we are pleased to announce that our youngest daughter is graduating from her first leg of college on her treck to becoming a teacher. We are very proud of her. We are looking forward to being with our kids, grandchildren and parents again.

I think that is it for tonight, may the Lord bless you all.

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