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Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer is here.

I tell you, there just are not enough hours in the day, to do all the things I want to do. I thought I'd add a picture or two, it is alot more fun with pictures. First up is my longarm machine with a quilt on it. This thing is alot of fun..when I get to use it. This quilt is for sale, it has deer on it. Three others have come off the machine since this picture was taken.

Susan and I went to Great Falls, Montana for our retreat, it is beautiful country, the mountain drive is magnificant and the valley is awash in fields of grains. We visited 5 local quilt shops, one out in the middle of a farm, another in Fort Benton which is a small town along the Missouri River. It was interesting for me to see the river from this end as I have seen it many times in Nebraska, where my Uncle Gene was a riverboat captain . It rained all 4 days that we were there so we missed the farmers market, of course it cleared the morning we left. We did get alot of sewing and laughing done.

Our trip to Ca. for Alyssa's graduation was a good time, sure enjoyed the family and watching the kids (big and small) riding their motorcycles. It was not such a good thing for my camera thought, with all the dust and wind it now does not want to work...:(

Samantha and Andy will be here next week, and we are looking forward to some more good family time.

Kirk got a small concrete patio put onto the front of the small house, it is so nice to step out onto a level surface and not into dirt/mud. It will be getting a roof later this summer as time permits. Our work keeps us quite busy, so much so that I have little time to quilt or work the garden or blog. The weeds are doing very well though, Kirk took the weedeater to them just so I could get down the rows. We do have potatoes, the luttuce is thick, tomatoes are growning and we should have some to eat shortly. Got the squash planted out, the radishes are hugh, carrots still very small. The garden down in the pasture is alot of work, the weeds and pasture grass are tough to deal with, we have decided we will garden up here in raised beds next year.

I also added a picture (it loaded at the top, not here where I wanted it...sigh) of a branding we went to in May, it was an interesting and enjoyable day. Ya feel a bit sorry for the wee calfs but they really are not any worse for the experience, it was fun watching the cowboys work their horses.

That is it for this time, Gods Blessings to everyone.


Susan said...

That branding picture is amazing! Did you take that before your camera went bad?

Gail said...

Yes, and thank you, it was an amazing event.