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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An introduction to our homestead critters,

This fellow is Me Moew, he is 5 years old.
He is all cat, but also a lover and likes to go for walks with the 'family'. Pretty funny to see all of us walking along. He is a good mouser, and would like to get closer to Lady but is afraid she will step on him in all her wiggling. When his is in the mood, you know how cats are, he likes for me to carry him around.

Here is the newest member of our family.
Rusty was born July 1, he came to live with us 2 days ago. He is part Jack Russel and Queensland Healer. He is a smart little guy and is learning quickly. He wants to play but the ole ones don't have much tolerance for wee ones. The ole grumps.

Lady is top dog, she is 6 years old and was
born on New Years Day 2000. She is Lab and
Australian Sheppard. She is a gentle dog, and we trained her to be good with the grandkids. Here she is pictured with Bryce, our oldest grandson.
She knows for a fact that she is human and has no use for this new puppy, unlike Jr the dog that took her under his paw when she came to live with us and raised her, letting her crawl all over him. She is not liking this intrusion on her pack.
She is very protective of all the grandchildren, staying right by their sides.
Lady wins the heart of nearly everyone who meets her.

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Susan said...

Your grandson is a cutie and so is Rusty!