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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a beautiful day we had today. We spent the morning up in the mountains, so pretty. I will share some of the pictures next time.

Here you can see one of my first flowers of the year, a double patunia. Just opened today.

Rusty wanted to say hello, he was helping as we reworked the steps and put in the new walkway. He is 10 months old now. He supervised the job very well and got into the middle of it a time or two, he found that he liked the rocks and was licking and bitting at some of the likens on them. LOL.

We are truly coming up in the world. Last year the walk way here was wooden pallets, now we have beautiful flagstone and gravel. Sure is nice to walk on, instead of being unsteady I now walk without a thought to where my feet are going. This will be much nicer for our guests who stay in the 5th wheel......could we be rednecks? Our guest room is a "camper".

Here you can see the reworked steps, Kirk did all of this work...to heavy for me. The old steps were to close together and one could not place the foot there except sideways, now it is nice and wide and again, I give no thought to going up or down them. I tripped many times on the old ones. Again much nice for guests.

I wanted to share a little update on the hillside garden, we now have crops up. What you see is yellow crookneck squash, what you can't see are onions, carrots and radishes.

Hope you all have had a great Sunday,
Until later


Susan said...

Wow, that looks so fabulous! We'll have to come back and see you - maybe we'll wait for the gravel in the drive up the hill - or the dry season. =)

Roxann said...

Oh Gail, what you are doing with your place is really nice! I like your wine barrel gardens, and it looks like you've made tons of progress on developing your infrastructure.