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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Hi everyone, thought it was time to update you on what is happening on our little place in Wyoming. Last weekend Kirk got the sheeting put onto the greenhouse, this weekend he will add the windows. Working 6/10s leaves him little time for himself so I am very thankful when he takes the time to work on this for me.

It is wonderful to have the gravel out like this, up until a while ago this was a mud pit whenever it rained, now we can go from the porch to the garage without muddy feet.

I have been working on my little patch of garden, I have struggled do to envy....all the gardens in town are so beautiful and I want mine to be like that, but of course they are all established gardens and mine is new. Big sigh.

So here is what I have been doing. Have added some pots and some more rocks. The wine barrels have veggies growing in them (not fast enough for me mind you). One of my windmills is now in the garden and my big one is still laying on the ground because the wind keeps blowing it over, so once I decide where to put it we will have to anchor it down.

In this corner of the garden, up toward the top I put in some cornflowers, the iris are here too. The small pot has a tomato and the wine barrel has green peppers, I also broadcast about 5,000 red clover seed over the area.....I want green! LOL. The dump truck is one I bought for the grand kids and it reminds me of them when I see it.

Here is my little garden angel, and under her watch are some sweet alysum and some marigolds. Poor little angel has been abused, Lady thought this was her own personal path until we got the little fence put up. You will also notice "finds" in the garden from our walks in the desert.

The following picture is of the area by the steps, just had to have a geranium. The wooden planter is about 25 years old, made while I was taking a horticulture class, just put some Tansy seeds in it today. That is it for now............................ Until later, God Bless.......


Susan said...

I can see the possibilities, as things begin to come up. I just love your little angel spot! The greenhouse will be fabulous for extending the growing season.


great progress!!!! I love all the pics of the garden from each angle....what surprised me is the mention of desert??? you actually have some??? want more??? hehehehehe will trade for fresh veggies! *~*CAROLE*~*