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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

About Pete (peat moss that is)


The addition of peat moss to the planters seems to have made a difference. The sickly looking potato plants are greening up. Lettuce plants seem to be in better condition as well, they are standing much prouder. So perhaps it is counter acting the alkaline water which I think has been a problem despite there being planting mix in the containers.

Today additions of Gardens Alive natural fertilizer has been made to all planters and the potato bales. I used the Vegetables Alive for the veggies, and Root Crops Alive for the potato and onion crops. Time will tell.

Ran my plan for a raised bed past DH last night, so we will see if he remembers when I bring it up again. LOL. I am on the look out for fruit trees and roses for zone 3...I know I am zone 4 but my thinking is if I go a zone colder they will have a better chance of living if we get a extra deep cold snap, besides I want to put my roses in wine barrels and I think they are less likely to freeze to death if they are more cold hardy.

Weather has cooled today, we got rain last evening which is so nice too. Ok that is it, without pictures it is not as much fun, is it?

Until later.


Kate said...

Hi, Gail;
Prairie Fire Crabapples! They're tough bunnies. If they can live where I planted them, they should do well in your garden, too.


Rebekah said...

Dear Gail...
This is Rebekah from the Daddy's Girl blog. As you might have noticed in my profile, I list gardening as one of my interests. My mother is an excellent gardener. I read your posting to her, about your clayish alkaline 'dirt' problem, and she recommends adding sand, a lot of sand, as well as the peat moss. This will break up the dirt some and add more pore spaces between molecules, making it richer, more ideal soil. Hope this helps! -- Rebekah