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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Container Gardening

Kate @ High Altitude Gardening asked "Where are You?" So I thought I had better give an update to life here in Wyoming. Grin!

Things are very quite around here without out little guy Rusty, we are adjusting slowly, we miss him greatly. Now onto

............................Container gardening.........................

What constitutes a container?

Have you ever given thought to what makes a good container for growning plants? Lets think outside the box. One of my favorite things to use is a large tractor tire. What a good way to recycle something that is very hard on the environment. Now you can use regular car tires as well. I like the tractor tires because they are large and hold alot of things. Here is my luttuce and spinach garden, the sun warms the tire which in turn warms the soil and a nice blanket over it at night for the cold weather helps keep it snug.

Strawbales, this was new to me this year but has turned out to be very interesting. This afternoon we are going to harvest the potatoes I planted in the bales and I will share that with you. I have no idea what we will find, though I do know there are at least 2 potatoes in there cause I can see them. Once we harvest the potatoes the straw will go into the new raised garden beds which I will also be showing you.

Wine barrels, nothing new but a must when you have dirt like mine. Here is how the garden looked at the beginning of September, things did OK, not great but then I am learning this new growing zone. So how about sharing unusual containers for gardening.

A note: Next year promises to be very busy since we are planning to add onto our little home. This garden will be gone and the "guest room" will no long be in this spot because the place it sits will be a road to the upper area of the property (remember we live on a hill).

More to come. Thank you for stopping by.

Until after the potato harvest.

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