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Saturday, January 19, 2008

3 day of SNOW!!!!

It has been snowing for 3 days now. Though be it very light to light. Everyone is getting cabin fever.

We had a break in the weather (as seen below) for about 2 hours yesterday. Everything is so pretty and the blue sky so welcoming. I love the blue of the sky, or of water or jeans...but that is about it for most blue.........well except sapphire in jewelry or glass of any kind (no blue walls for me, tried that once....nope).....now I digress.

Here is what cabin fever looks like for the dog and cat. Now mind you these two have lived in this family for 7 years together, but until about a month ago they hardly had the time of day for each other. Now they have taken to sleeping together (really a wise idea in 0 degree weather). LOL. The cat (Me Moew) is not allowed outside right now, there have been mountain lion tracks about town again. He was jumping up to the window in the door this morning, I think we will have to keep a close eye on him, he really wants out to go do what ever it is he does (and usually comes home with an injury of some kind).

I finally got my Christmas tree down. When you cut um fresh they last a long time, this one still is not losing needles, but the time has come. So I put him out in the yard so we can still enjoy him and now with a bit of snow. This is the only tree we have in our yard.....ya, pretty sad, but hopefully this spring we will get to put a few in...all depends on the water situation.

A few pictures of the "garden" with its winter coat on.

The tire..........awaiting a spring planting of lettuce.

And another look at the beautiful blue sky during our brief break yesterday and the lovely sunshine. As of this writing it is still snowing, this is a really slow moving storm, usually it blows in and back out within a few hours if not minutes. Well that is it for now, God's Blessing to you.


Roxann said...

Gail, I love seeing what you've been doing over there in Wy. I love it out there, too, but it was too far and too cold for the family to agree to move there. But here in AR is alright too ;) Your curtains/blinds look great - that was a good idea!

Susan said...

That's too much snow! =) Are you going to put popcorn strings out on your tree for the birds?

Barb said...

Oh WOW, that's beautiful. I moved to Florida to get away from the cold......How long is it cold there?