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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chinking & the Window

We have started the chinking for the living/dining/kitchen/office area of the house. Another day and perhaps we will have that done. What a difference it makes to get the gaps filled in between the boards. When we first put the boards up they were suppose to be 'dry'. Of course they weren't and boy did they shrink, we knew they would. So now that it is really DRY, we have filled in the gaps with chinking, like they use between logs on log homes. It has cut down on the dust in the bedroom so I am hoping for more of the same in the main part of our 800 sq feet. Plus no more hiding places for spiders and such. Grin.

Kirk also put a window into the front door, what a difference that has made to the light of the room during the day. Part of homesteading is finding things to reuse/recycle. This window came from the door of a house in town (they were installing stained glass) and found a perfect home in our door.

If you notice behind the wood stove, we still have the rock work to do, one of these days. Frankly, I still have alot of flat rocks to collect for that project, hummm.

Happy New Year to all.


Kate said...

When it's finished I believe your house is going to look a lot like mine! I do love the cozy feeling of wood walls. Happy New Year! Hope all is well. Your friend, Kate.

Susan said...

I love the way the chinking looks. The rocks behind the stove will be great, when you get enough together. One step at a time!

Like the new green blog look, btw.