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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wind Damage and Building update

Wow, that was some storm..........I was in the house (thank goodness) and the wind came up strong, it was so loud that I ran to the back of the house, to get away from the windows. Thank goodness I had seen the storm moving in and had closed up all the windows and doors, it had been such a beautiful afternoon. You know what they say about the weather in Wyoming....
If you don't like the weather just wait 15 minutes.....sigh. Well our shed did not fair so well, below is a picture of were it was and were it landed, after it tumbled 5 or so times. We retrieved all the contents (in the forground) and now we have to get access to the property next door so we can collect our 'trash'.

Now on to some good stuff.............more dirt moving, and it was alot of dirt!

The forms are going down. The in floor heating has been ordered, as well as the insulation. We had to work out some placement of plumbing but I think we have it figured out. Hopefully we will begin the concrete in a couple weeks.

The area that is formed up will be part of the shop, the area behind the two windows will be the new master bedroom, the studio, guest room and another bath will be above.

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Susan said...

That was quite a wind. The kind we've been having, too. I'm glad your stuff was retrievable, though. It must be exciting to see the beginnings of the addition actually going in!