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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring in the Green House

Spring has sprung in the green house. It is still not settled enough here in my zone 4 area to plant tender things outside. Though the onions and spinach from last year survived the -25 temps and are growing beautifully. I will be sure to plant more spinach to get a head start for next year.

On the bench in the picture below are, 6 kinds of tomato, lettuce- 3 kinds, wild mustard, tansy, nettle, marigold, calundula, purple basil, parsley, hosta, alyssm, Black eye Susan, Ech, chives, and more that I can think of right now.

In front of the windows are some wine barrels for planting out the tomatoes later. My gardens are still in the 'someday' stage. With the building project and still having to haul water it is not something I can do just yet, next year (keep your fingers crossed). I do have two new beds up on the top pad and will be using it once the weather warms to stay and hopefully the wind isn't so fearsome later as well, it is blowing hard again today. We are so thankful no one was hurt when the shed went, will be glad when the weather calms (I hope).

Until later.


plantainpatch said...

Your greenhouse is awesome!!

Susan said...

Wow, you have a wonderful headstart on a garden! What, no peppers? =)

Eccentric Scorpion said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Lovely greenhouse.

Candi said...

You're going to have quite the garden this year! I've got tomatoe, cuc's, red, yellow, and green bell peppers and a few herbs is all this year.

kansas crochet mom said...

looks great :)