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Monday, June 02, 2008

Update on Arnie & Blessings

I have to tell you all what a blessing I have received. I put out a call to 2 of my quilt groups (online) for help with making a comfort quilt for Arnie. Do you know that these wonderful ladies have supplied me with a completed top, two complete kids quilts and blocks so now the whole family is going to be comforted. I am just so touched by the generosity of you all.

Now to give an update. Arnie will be going into surgery on the 16th, your continued prayer support is so much appreciated.

Here is a note from my DDIL, Michele......she is heading up fund raising for Arnie and Cheri.

I have set up a paypal account to receive donations. All the banks I called require giving out the account number to
people to make donations and they have to have an account to do it over the internet, Really dumb if you ask me.
But after looking into several other places I have set up a paypal account to accept them. The fees are small.
If anyone would like to make a donation they can at www.paypal.com and send the payment to e-mail address
Thank you all!!! Michele

If you feel lead to give a donation, here is the info and I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart. The insurance will only pay a portion of what Arnie will need, they are contacting the cancer society also. God Bless you all for what your doing to help.


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Diane said...

Hi Gail, I saw your profile on The Herb Mentor. I don't know if you've looked around but it's a blessing to see so many sisters in Christ learning about herbs and believing that God said "it is good".

Boy, you are a brave pioneer woman..a real mountain woman! Oh my, I dream of being more of a homesteader but boy you take the cake girl!

I'll put a link to you on my blog and hope to see you around at The Herb Mentor.