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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Work on the Homestead

What a busy weekend it has been. Yesterday we began the task of moving our wood pile to a new location. Might not look like much but that is about 3 cords. We moved all the large stuff up onto the top pad, then cut and split the rest. Needless to say we are all ready for next winter. LOL.

Here is the result. There is a small pile of wood still there, we can't decide where we want it, as this is the apple wood we use for the smoker. On the left is a big pile of rocks, that I moved from my old flower bed, which will become borders and walk ways. Now why pray tell, did we go to all this work? This area will become a new garden, with some small trees, flowers, herbs, shrubs and a strawberry garden....or at least that is the plan. I will update you all as I go along.

Kirk built the shutters I have been wanting for the front of the house. Since we have decided to stay here and add on we have begun to do some exterior design, adding little things here and there. I just love the shutters and they are just what I planned. Is anyone surprised they are green.....my favorite color, grin. I love how it goes with the tin and how the shutters dress the house.

Here is the porch. Look at that stack of wood.....yes we cut and stacked that, well 3/4 of it, the other 1/4 was left over from this winter. Now you can see some of the decorations we have added, the stove was what keep Kirk warm in the shop the first winter, now he has a pellet stove (we have come up in the world a little), it is now a flower stand. Remember to click for a bigger picture. We also put up the corner braces, license plates, some sleds (out of the picture), the hanging plants, etc. Rocky is sure getting big isn't he?

Now onto gardening. Just an update on the plant progress. You can see they are getting big. Some have been transfered outside and we are watching the tomatoes grow bigger, soon we will be enjoying our first fruits. We have been eating beautiful lettuce and spinach for over a month now.

Some of the flowers.

And the tire garden is going strong. Lots of lettuce, spinach, chives, onions. It has been a busy weekend, I am tried. Oh I forgot we put flashing up on the roof line, I hate heights so that was not fun at all, thank goodness I only had to be up there a few minutes, though I think it took me longer to get back down, Kirk had to help me on the steepest part. Yikes.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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Kate said...

Wow! Your place looks great! You 2 are working very hard this summer. It's been a busy summer out here, too, and I am finally catching up on your blog. Glad to see the garden is coming along. Your porch looks like the perfect place to relax after a hard day of work. Did any of the hollyhock seeds decide to grow? I hope so...