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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Concrete and Sticks

WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! We have concrete, after nearly a month since the last concrete was put down, we now have the completed slab (s).

We are excited to see things starting to move faster, other then the wall that will be started tomorrow (Monday), the speed of the construction will be up to us. Now be reminded that Kirk will be building this with some help from me....go-fer type help.

We worked on the stick wall today, yesterday we removed the tin from the upper part of the shop
(under the peek back on the right) and replaced it with sheeting.

See the windows in between the 2 x 4 studs? That is where our current bedroom is located.

Where the red scaffolding is will be the new bedroom, WITH A BAY WINDOW, (just a little excited about this feature). The far window will become a door, which will lead straight...to the bedroom, and right will go upstairs (where the ladder is in this picture. The near window will be eliminated. Beyond the stairs will be more shop area for Kirk.

Tomorrow will be an exciting (and expensive) day, because the outer wall will start to be constructed. More on that to come.

So we are on our way now.


Susan said...

I know just how excited you are. Thanks for your explanation of what will be where. If we go back to AZ this fall, I'm determined to make it through WY!

Love the bay window idea!

Franie said...

Gail, how exciting! I have seen those and wondered how they were used. Way too cool. Are they expensive? I guess everything is expensive. I saw blue sky too in one of the pics so you are getting good weather for cement work and general construction.