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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunny & Warm........NOT!!

I would like to introduce you to Flat Stanley. I had never met Flat Stanley before, though I understand he has several books out. Flat Stanley arrived in my mail box on Wed., sent to visit with Papa and I for awhile. Here is the letter that he gave to us.

Dear Nana and Papa:

This is Flat Stanley. He was flattened when his bulletin board fell on him while he was sleeping! It flattened him flat as a pancake!
Since becoming flat, Stanley has been on many exciting adventures. One day, his brother tied a string to Stanley and flew Stanley like a kite. Unfortunately, he got stuck in a tree.
On another adventure, Stanley's mother dropped her favorite ring into the sewer. Stanley tied a string to his belt and his mom lowered him down to get the ring. Stanley saved the day!
Please keep Stanley for a week or so, taking him on many more fun adventures with you. Then, write back telling me about Stanley's adventures with you.
You may also include any pictures, souvenirs, or even a video of Flat Stanley's adventures.
I hope you have an exciting adventure with Flat Stanley!

Love Bryce.

Flat Stanley went quilting with me the other day and today we showed him our building project, he wanted to give a tour.

Hi, Flat Stanley here. I wanted to give you a tour of Nana's new studio in progress. Papa is working very hard to make this very nice space.
Here you can see the new bay window, Nana's sewing area will be right here in front of the window behind me. Her long arm will be over there on the right.

Turning around now, you can see the wall to the other end of the studio, the bathroom is behind there.
I have to tell you, the wind is blowing very, very hard. Nana says it is about 30 mph out there, which means I can't stay out here very long, I don't want to blow away. I was going to help Papa do some work but the wind won't let me.
I can tell you that both Nana and Papa worked all day getting the sheeting on the bay windows on the front side of the house. Yes in the howling winds. They could not get the building wrap on the upper story today or the windows in, hopefully tomorrow it will be nice like the weather man promised for today.
Look!......at the lower bay, it now has windows....Nana and Papa are very happy and very, very tired. AND....the wind has slowed down. Oh ya, it rained a little, too. Hummm, guess the weather man got confused.
Ok, Flat Stanley signing off for now. Thank you for visiting.

Flat Stanley will be spending time with us, including going on our trip to ND, so stay tuned for more interviews with Flat Stanley.



ROTFLMAO--I have participated in projects such as FLAT STANLEY'S...HE will have a lot more fun with Nana and Papa before he is done visiting! (ps--dont give him a bath! hehehe)

Candi said...

Gail & Flat Stanley, the house is really coming along! It looks great! I can just imagine the winds you get there. After visiting my sister in MT I was really surprised at how windy it is up there!!! Keep up the good work, things are looking really good:)

Susan said...

Love those Flat Stanley projects. =) You are doing a great creative one for him. Hope you have fun in ND, and then think about having fun when you get home - with me!

Franie said...

I love it! I have done those Flat Stanleys and I love those type of projects for kids. I love your bay window! One on both sides? You should be buttoned up soon.

plantainpatch said...

Too cute!