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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bay & Rain

This weekend the objective is to get the roof section on the bay window. Sounds like a benign task, right? HA!!!

First, how does one work on something in mid air? So the morning is spent building a temporary scaffolding. We have been thinking how we might use this space under the scaffolding, other then just filling it with dirt, we have considered a shed, or perhaps a root cellar. Well, this is something for another day.

After much trial and error the ceiling of the bay is starting to take shape. We know there is a way to do this but we can't find the formula. Now at this point I have to say I have had this weekend off, nothing I can do to help figure this out except create more confusion. So I spent my Saturday cleaning the greenhouse, getting rid of things that weren't going to produce by time the cold hit. Washing windows and vacuuming up debris, it is looking alot better, still some things to do, perhaps tomorrow.

Isn't the bay awesome? I just love it. To think I have never had a bay window before and now I have 3. WOW.

Can you see the dilemma here? A shed roof really causes problems with the angles for this bay roof. See the clouds coming in........sigh.

After spending all day on the bay roof on Sat. Kirk got it sheeted and ready to put wrap and shingles on. Last night it started raining and rained all night and most of today, in order to get up and work on the building he cut a part of the stair space open and put a ladder to the second floor. He got the window sheeted, wrapped and the 2 small windows in. It is raining like crazy right now and we have a fire going in the stove. At least things are dry inside the building.

I started working on cleaning my sewing area, it sure needed it. As you know one thing leads to another and I ended up washing windows, too. This took some time cause the tracks were nasty and had to be cleaned as well. So that is it for now.

Until next time,
God Bless

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Jo in NZ said...

Gail, I am really enjoying watching the progression of your home. I am very jealous. It's beautiful.