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Friday, September 05, 2008

WOW......what a week

Rocky loves being up on the roof. Kirk and I were not even up there, but in the house when we heard the pitter patter of doggy feet and came out to find him over looking his kingdom. Since then he has gone up on the roof multiple times. The other night he greeted Kirk as he returned home from the roof, I was in the house cooking. LOL.

In my last post I mentioned the lumber we had prepared for the ceiling. Here you can see the cuts we made in the boards. We also cut shims that fit into the grooves, between the boards, kind of like tongue and groove would do.

The ceiling is so pretty, I still need to deal with the logs, alot of the bark is loose. Normally one would clean the logs before putting them up, BUT when rain is coming some things have to go by the way side for awhile.

Phopa of the week................make sure you figure your wood correctly. We are so use to getting word in board feet that we forgot to convert to square feet. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we are a bit short to finish the ceiling. We have ordered the rest of the wood, which we will have to cut grooves into, but it won't be here until next week. Sigh. So to fix the problem.....remember rain is coming. We had to use the 2x6's for the bays and sheeting for the siding to finish covering the roof. We......yes me, went up on top of the second story and put it down. I was very proud of myself...............I am so afraid of heights, I did not have a problem being up there. I don't know why but I am so thankful. After the sheeting was down we put a covering over it to shed the rain.

So now you can get an idea of what the ceiling in my studio will be like. Note the eves to the right! We did not get them covered. Not to mention the walls are still open. The rain came.
It poured, and poured and can you guess what happened? It all came in and ended up downstairs, so we were up vacuuming up LOTS of water. The water got between the buildings and came in our bedroom. It really was a bad time to get rain.

Kirk took 2 days off work to try and get this done before the rain, and we did get it done but it was not quite enough. So he also took Monday and Tuesday off, we got some rain again on Tuesday. So over the weekend thru Tuesday we........................

Put up the bathroom wall..................

Put in 8 windows.............

Wrapped part of the south wall...........

Built the bay for the bathroom................here comes the rain again.

Better get the bay covered.

Put siding up.................tarpped the north side (bathroom bay). And built the bay in the studio. Covered the eves.

Terry came up with
the ladder truck to help
put up the last piece of
siding that we could not
reach, note the ground
compared to the top
corner of that wall.

This is how things look as of Tuesday night. I told Kirk he needed to go back to work.......
I need to rest....

It is now Friday and I still have not gained back all my strength, tomorrow we will be back at it.

Notice the top of the roof, I was up there.............ya I was, walking around like it was nothing. I was thinking about it and it is not just 2 stories, but we are half way up on the side of a hill, that is way up there.

After putting up the blue tarp, it looks like we are under water throught the window in our room. LOL.

As we figured our finances, we realize we have just run out of money. We have enough supplies to get the building closed in, but won't be able to finish it until we can gather some more money. We will be able to put the stairs in, insulate and connect the bath fixtures in the downstairs bathroom. The bays will get their windows, but the window for the sewing area will wait, the door to the roof will wait, the other door will go in (we have it). We can start the electric. So it will be liveable for the holidays but not finished.

Kirk said it is pretty bad when the kids have to bring their camping stuff when they come to Nana and Papa's......it will be an adventure.

Well, that is it until next time.
God Bless


Susan said...

What a saga! At least you will be dry for the next rain, maybe. I hope so!

Franie said...

I admire your efforts so much. I know how good it feels to be building your own thing! It belongs right here in Alaska! Wish it was here right up the rd from me! I love it~! I know yuo will be warm and dry this winter and the finish will come. Those who wait are always rewarded!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh! That Rocky is one brave dog! And you are redefining life quite quickly! Congrats on all the hard work... - kate