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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not for the faint at heart

Today we have worked on getting the roof boards ready and I can tell you this project is not for the faint at heart. Starting at 7 this morning we worked until 4 just preparing the 2x12x16 foot (the longest ones of which there were 12) ready to go up. Kirk wanted to have good thick boards up on the ceiling, these are rough cut lumber so they are every bit of the 2 x 12. First one side had to be sanded, not something we wanted to do but they were marked up, so..............
Next, on the table saw we cut a groove on the long sides, then with the router, on the short sides. We did this with 1,000 board feet of lumber. To say the least we were spent.

Then at 5 pm, Kirk climbed up on the roof, on top of those logs and began putting up those boards. Of course each one besides being very heavy was not enough, each one had to fight him. To say it is not disheartening to have to struggle with every step is an under statement. It can bring a strong, grown man to near tears.

Sometimes it may seem everything is going great because I don't tell all the difficulties, and perhaps that is not a good thing. It has been a struggle every step of the way in one way or another.

Would you like more of the gory details?

One I forgot to share was when we were putting up the logs, one fell. We were using our skid steer and one of the problems with it is the bucket jerks, well it jerked and the log jumped right out. It hit the floor and put 2 small holes in it, because of course it bounced. Thank goodness I was a long way from it. I will have to start sharing more of these kinds of things. I don't want to make it sound like things are just so easy...........heck, I am always asking God how come things have to be so hard.....of course I know the answer.

I will share pictures of the boards and ceiling at the first of the week.

We could use prayer, for safety, good weather (it is suppose to rain starting tomorrow night) and just physical strength.

Hugs to all,
God Bless



Susan said...

1000 board feet to do all that to! You are certainly working hard to get that quilting studio! It's too bad there's not another guy there to help Kirk and give you a break. 3 sharing the work would make it easier. Or 4. =)

If one of your children comes up, you'll have plenty of experience helping them build.

Franie said...

Gail, you and Kirk are living the American dream. No govt. interferance or some bank giving you a loan way over your head. Blood sweat and tears to make a home! I greatly admire you two and wish you were doing it here in AK because this is where you would be among many others doing it this way. You are right up there with Sarah Palin--a very strong woman you are too! you go girl. I know there are times when it is sooooo frustrating but at the end of the day, wow, you have made great strides. Like you say, not for the faint of heart!

Thelma said...

Wow Gail, you have been busy. So glad you weren't close when the log fell. Prayers for safety are definately being lifted up.

Moira said...

I know it's been hard, but the two of you will have a lot of satisfaction when it's all done. Prayers for safety as the boards go up, and for you to be able to get it done before rain comes.