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Friday, August 29, 2008

Log Rafters, Starting the Roof

Time to begin cutting and fitting the logs that will be the rafters of the building.

Using the saw mill that he built before we moved up here, with the intention of cutting wood for other people, which of course did not pan out (what else is new). Kirk started getting the logs ready to become rafters.

First we need to make the top flat to accept the 2x lumber that will become the ceiling. So a slice is taken off the top.

After turning the log over, top side down, two cut outs had to be made so the logs will set on the walls.

With a template, Kirk measures his cut out. This still is not an exact measurement, as you know cutting free hand is not exact.

Next, he cut one end to accept another log, this end goes where the porch will be and is in the up position.

Now how do we get these things up there. Well you know how it is when your doing something for the first time. You try the hardest way first and that is what happened. You see that first log on the building, it was trailered over, and man handled into position and 12 more to go?!........there has got to be a better way. What about the skid steer.......well ours is not working all that great (never has.....that is another story). So we borrowed one and now he can carry the polls with it.....

Lift them up onto the building with it and even push the pole a bit with it (very carefully).

Then the man handling begins but this only requires a bit nudging, pushing and pulling before they are in place. All 12 of the remaining logs are in place by noon on the second day.

Of course on the first day, the chainsaw decided that now was the time not to work, so had to get another, and all the measurements and figuring how to do things had to be done. Yesterday was a beautiful day, but today......though sunny and clear was 96*. HOT, HOT, HOT.

Here is how it looks from the front.

And the back.

And then sadness................................I have to give up my most comfortable jeans. I can deal with a hole by the pocket, and frayed pant legs, but when the butt and crotch go...................

Until next time.

God Bless


Veronica said...

Your jeans comment made me chuckle. Make a bag with the good parts and keep them close to you. lol Your building project is coming along! Cannot wait to see the finished product!

Susan said...

Wow, what a lot of work. I hope you were able to easily mend the holes where the pole bounced. Glad you weren't anywhere near it! I hope you get the boards up before the rain hits.