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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have Walls, Windows & Doors

Oh my what a busy week, I even have a stiff neck/shoulder as a consultation prize.

Lookie, our first wall for the second floor/studio. I have a door and a window. WAHOO. Like the stairs to the door?

From the inside, the far window is where my sewing machine will be. It is exciting to see.

Rocky just could not stand it that we were up on the building without him. He would sleep at the foot of the ladder, so Kirk put him up with him. I was doing some things down stairs (dishes) and I kept hearing him running all around on the roof of the house. LOL.

He did really good and was up there with us for a couple hours, then he decided to go running around on the roof of the house again, looking down and all over, back and forth.....

what we did not know is........he needed to get down..............next thing we know he is pooping on the roof of the patio....LOL. We just laughed, poor puppy......the next day he was up with Kirk and I guess decided it would be ok to pee on the roof, too.................sigh. To funny.

All of the long walls are up, I won't bore you with all the details. We now have the 8 foot wall to the North and 10 foot to the South. The North wall has two windows and a door, the South wall has 8 windows and a door. The South wall will be my solar gain wall. Why the door on the South wall leading onto the roof........in case we get snowed in?...........well maybe, but mostly so we can access the roof without a ladder. Ya, I know....we are going to get alot of flack about it. No one said we did thing conventionally.

Just an inside view of the South wall...over there under the 3 high windows?......that is where my design wall will be. Kirk is standing in the bay for the bathroom.

Note the dirt level against the wall, Kirk did some back filling now Rocky can get up AND down all by himself.

The building is looking a bit strange, but once again...we are not conventional. I think once the roof and porch are on it will be ok. Terry says it looks like a row house, we are thinking a two story trailer........lol. Maybe we can be on the show "What's with that house".

After spending all day Saturday and 3/4 of Sunday in 99* weather building the walls, we went 90 miles to get the logs for the ceiling/roof of the second story. Needless to say we are both pretty tired now.

This next weekend will be working on the roof. Stay tuned.


Susan said...

Wow, oh, wow! This is coming along pretty fast now. You must be just dancing inside with excitement. I love seeing where your studio is going to be. Is that where the longarm is going, too?

Anna said...

cool lots of progress, can't wait to see the final results.