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Monday, August 18, 2008

Standing in my new studio

Another big step in the process of our addition. Kirk and I worked on getting the final joists in, framing out the staircase on Saturday. Then while I made a parts run to town, he did some more finish work in preparation to put the floor on the second story.

Here you can see the staircase. It is going to make a T at the top. The way we have redesigned them I will have two perfect spots for quilt display, one at the bottom and one at the top. This way does take up some of my floor space, but that is the way the mop flops and the cookie crumbs. The two posts your seeing will be replaced with walls later.

Here is a view from the top before the floor sheeting goes on. Good thing Kirk got some help with this process from Terry, ain't no way I'd be doing it........I am afraid of heights.

The floor is on.............WAHOOOOOOO. Kirk is standing about where the wood burning stove will go. Just behind him toward the roof of the shop is where the longarm will go. Ya, my studio is taking shape. Way cool.

Ok now I am standing in the studio and taking in the new bathroom and its view. No I am not afraid now that the floor is on, it is just like being on the ground.

Today I drew out the final details for the
studio area, placement of windows, electrical,
and furniture.

Kirk and I were imagining sitting in this east
bay, during an early morning sunrise, wood stove going, with a cuppa, looking at the mountain and desert all covered in fresh fallen snow, or perhaps watching a beautiful snow storm or an amazing thunderstorm.

This next weekend we are going to get the logs for the roof/ceiling. The wood for the ceiling has been ordered and will be here next week. Walls will soon be going up.


Anna said...

looking great and coming along nicely!

Aprilbratt said...

Looks good...I'm feeling it will be done in time for Christmas!!!

plantainpatch said...

So much progress! Very cool.