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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday's Progress

We have our first bay. Kirk has created the bay for the new bedroom.

This is what it looks like from the front door.

From inside the room. We have talked about knocking the hill down some more so we will have a better view, especially from upstairs.

The board you see here is a BCI beam and is what we used for the floor rafters and what we put up on Sat. I did not help today, there really was not anything for me to do, so I worked on Bryce's camping quilt. I am glad, too, I am pretty tired.....not accustom to all that physical work and it really was not that hard, Kirk did all the lifting all I had to do was lift my end of the BCI into place an put 3 screws in it. Climbing up and down from the scaffolding and the heat I think is what got me.

Here you can see how it fits, where the floor is going to be for upstairs. We will have a great view on all sides except to the North, that area will get a garden and lawn eventually.

There will be a 4 x 6 window in the very front,
but for now Kirk is leaving it open so we have a way to go in and out, small detail. LOL.


Anna said...

oh wow I bet the view will be stunning when knock down the hill there you all get done and the garden is in.

Kate said...

I agree! That will be one gorgeous view. It already is... I love that wide open spaces look. It is so peaceful.