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Friday, October 17, 2008

Building Update

I know...it is about time I posted an update. We spent 2 days getting the roof finished. We got the second load of boards, Paul and Kirk got the grooves put into the boards. Kirk and I finished putting the remaining boards down. The next day we installed the electrical, put
4' x 8' x 2" insulation sheets down, then topped that with tar paper, then 1" x 2" furring strips ( pieces of wood that are 8' long), which we then secured the tin roofing to. I did not get pictures of this process unfortunately. So now the roof is weather tight. Ya!!!

With 3 days of snow forecasted (and realized), we moved indoors. Yes we have gotten our first snow of the year and it last for 3 days. Our next project is the staircase. This is the beginning, the first landing and the walls for the stairs. This is exciting. Our first piece of drywall is up, see that board on the right wall....that will be the door leading to the livingroom, well it will be bigger, but that is the place. LOL.

I had to share with you some fur baby stuff. Lady came in the house because if she hears shooting she freeks and it is hunting season, so anyway, she met the kitten and they decided to take a nap together. To cute.

Back to the building, Kirk is securing the floor around the new stairwell, with his helper Rocky.

Here is the new stairwell, taken from the second floor, it was very exciting to assend the stairs into the new studio area.

It took a while to get Rocky to go down the stairs, but once he did there was no stopping him. We are very happy to have this opening, now as the weather turns colder and colder we don't have to go outside, not to mention all the nasty mud that is on the north side of the building from the snow we had. Rain is forcast so this will be a really blessing.

I was just upstairs, planning where things will go. LOL.


Michele said...

Everything looks great. You guys have really made progress.

Susan said...

Love seeing the stairs in! Want a pic of the finished roof, too. =)

That picture of lady and the baby is so cute!

Kate said...

That dog and kitty picture is the sweetest thing.