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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Cats..........you have the caddy cats and then the cats, cat. We have one of each.

Our older cat, who is 7 years old now, is a cats, cat. He loves to prowl about at night, and wants to come home for a nap all day, food and a little attention. Sometimes he gets himself into situations where he needs a little extra TLC, and on those occasions he will stay home for several days as he heals up. Sigh. He hears us as we come home and waits by the door to escape, and he is lighting fast. LOL. He gets along with the 2 dogs as best as a cat can, Rocky our lab puppy loves to wrestle him down and give him a Rocky do, you know a new hair style held together with dog spit. He came home tonight for his dinner, and normally he "gets" to say in all night cause "mom" won't let him back out....but "dad" forgot to cover the door on the new addition and Me Moew knew it was open and went out again.

Then there is the kitten, Miss Mew (or however you spell it), who is about 3 months old now, she is a caddy cat. What a hoot she is, too. While Me Moew would not even consider getting up on funiture, Miss Mew thinks all things belong to her.......so because of her insistence on using the sofa as a run way, she now gets banished to the garage during her crazy times. She loves to play with whatever and it appears her favorite things are, the empty tube from paper towels, a plastic grocery bag (which she jumps on, sliding across the floor and gets one handle in her mouth and runs with it behind her), an empty spool from thread, dried mud that falls from DH boots, lids from whatever, oh and she loves the cabinet doors...jumping up against them.

She races from room to room, and attacks everything including the back of ones legs, no claws, just jumping on you. She is into just about everything when she is in her crazy moods, thus the garage. She has taken to a new sleeping place, see attached pictures..............

This is my desk, where I am sitting right now typing up this post. You will notice how I have the drawer pulled out to hold a board for my keyboard, well.................................

She has figured out that there is a place for her to sleep in the space left by the open drawer, I was able to catch her in the act. She won't beable to fit in there much longer, but what a hoot. Again I say................CATS!!!!!!!!!


Gabriele said...

Your kitty is too funny and she's sooo pretty!

Michele said...

Too cute!!!!