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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Construction Updates

Sure seems like not much is happening these days on the building. We are at the point where the big, big things that make a huge impact are wrapping up. As you can see by this first picture the siding is coming along, in fact there is more done now then this one represents. The tin is around the front, and the door is now installed.
We made a trip to Billings, MT. for supplies which included, the shower stall, toilet, sink, the door for roof access (as seen in this pic), and the last window for the studio, not to mention bags and bags of insulation (my job), drywall, fan for the bedroom, a bunch of little stuff and a food processor.

Oh it will be nice when we can get the yard cleaned up again, construction such can make a mess.

Below, I am standing in the new bedroom and what your seeing here is the bottom of the stair well, and the wall where the door to our new bedroom is. Past the wall where the broom is leaning (which is part of the stairs) is where the closet and bathroom are located.

Now lets go upstairs to the bathroom up there.........go ahead, after you.

As I mentioned insulating is my job, so I have begun the bay and walls in the upstairs bath. It is amazing how much quieter it is with the insulation in.

Another of my jobs has been to spray foam and caulk all the cracks where air can enter and as you can see by this picture the logs presented a big gap. All the doors and windows have been done and all about the bays. It is amazing how much air comes in these spaces, it was really evident when the wind was blowing 30 mph the other day, it was like a fan was blowing, they are all filled in now. This space here will also get insulation, before being closed in.

Another of the things I can do is to pull the wiring for the electrical, yep the electrical is getting run. That is a puzzle all in itself, electrical, figuring out just how everything will be powered.

Back down stairs, Kirk has been building the walls for the closet and bathroom, installing the shower and the electrical for that area. There is a door into the bathroom from Kirk's room so he has easy access from there. The windows on the right are in the bedroom, you go through a small hall (under the stairs), into the closet, and through a pocket door to the bath. It is a small 3/4 bath, not a big on suite bath. No in our house we have 3 - 3/4 baths, LOL.

For most people our layout would not work, but this is a one bedroom house with a studio and a shop......this house is made for resident artists, not for a family. We are past that point in our lives, we have room for company now, but our everyday lives are about our art.

Next on the agenda, finish up the bedroom, closet, bath....tear down the dividing wall between the current bedroom (to be new livingroom) and current office/livingroom/dining room to open it all up for a great room.

Stay tuned.

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Susan said...

What a lot of progress you've made in two months! Are all the dead bugs gone? LOL! You are going to be ready in time for Christmas company, looks like!

Your house should be what you need. You're living in it!