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Saturday, December 06, 2008

We are getting there.

Wow, we have been so busy. We are finally getting ready to paint, wahoo.

Over the last several weekends we have been working very hard and of course everything takes longer then Kirk thinks it should. We are coming down to the wire, Christmas is just around the corner (as if you didn't already know that). We have had to modify our plans. We are concentrating on getting the downstairs finished, the upstairs is on hold right now.....it can wait until later, and BTW after Christmas we are taking a bit of a break and are going to veg out.

In the picture below, Kirk is working on getting the drywall up, he is in the closet. The shape beside his head is the upper part of the stair case, under it is a hallway into the bedroom, behind him, (though the white door) is the bathroom.

If you will notice the blue electrical boxes through the white doorway, you see what kind of looks like a ladder on the left.....that is the pocket door into the closet from the bathroom. So what is the white doorway, where does it go???????..........well into Kirk's new shop area, now he doesn't have to track through the house to........well you know. Yes, one goes through the closet to get to the bathroom from the bedroom. Albeit unconventional, it works and is as it is because we had to change the placement of the staircase AFTER the bathroom plumbing was in conrete (literally).

All the drywall is up and mudding is done, what a royal pain in the...........neck, not only do you get to put the drywall mud on the wall over all the seams and nail holes, but you then get to sand it off. Now don't laugh, but after sanding all this stuff smooth, I had white hair, skin, cloths and BUGGERS! This stuff was like paste in my hair and I have had the honor of doing this 4 times now.............I hate doing drywall, I sure hope it is worth it. Today we textured the walls so they are ready to apply ferns to and then paint, guess what I will be doing this week. What color are the walls going to be, WELL GREEN OF COURSE. Is there any other color (if your me)? Besides what color goes better with wood, after all most wood has a green head before it is cut down.

Kirk has all the wood up, isn't it pretty, it is really pink.....oh my favorite colors pink and green. LOL.

This is looking into that closet, notice the drywall dust in the air, now you know why I had white buggers. ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing)

Here you see the entrance to the new room. RuthAnn mentioned while I was visiting with her that she was having a hard time knowing where these passages all went, so I plan to draw up the floor plan for you all and post it, perhaps your wondering also.

Well, my friends I am off to bed now. Tomorrow will be another busy day and we only have 14 more days until our oldest daughter, Samantha and family arrive....that really translates into 1 and a half more weekends.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will say Hello in the comment section. Night


Susan said...

I can see why you need to finish the downstairs, but is the upstairs okay for the kids to stay now? What a lot of work you've done! I think you need an air vacuum. =)

Aprilbratt said...

Looks great...can't wait to see it in person! We're all excited about coming out...see in you a couple weeks!