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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ferns, Sills and Fans

Another update. We have been working on the final details of our new master bedroom.

While watching HGTV one day I was this gal do ferns on her wall, I decided I had to do this, so I started looking for the stencil. Finally I found it at Designer Stencils. com they have tons of great stencils, both for regular stenciling and sculptured stencils. So if your inclined to do this check them out, they have a great grape vine sculpture stencil.

So anyway, here is the stencil ready to be mudded. All I did is use drywall mud, but them of course this is new construction and the wall have not been painted before, so it worked fine.

Just spread the mud and trowel it off, and this is the result. There is a second stencil that produces the stem.

The unpainted wall with ferns on it, before stems.

Here the wall is painted, the color doesn't show up well, it is a pretty green. The stems have been added.

Another view from across the room. The bay window is to the right.
I am very happy with the result. All the painting is done.

Kirk has begun work on the trim, beginning with the window sills and trim.

We also got the tin up on the ceiling, what a pain in the neck to say the least.
The fan is up, now if I could figure out what I did with the bulbs. Sigh. I have searched high and low..........

It won't be long now until we can move in. Tomorrow it is cleaning day, time to clean the floors of all the drywall dust, wood shavings, etc., that have accumulated over the last week. Kirk has to hook up the plumbing for the bathroom and cut the door opening into the current part of the house, move a door.
Just a few more days until the kids get here for Christmas. Though the plan was for the upstairs to be ready, that is not the case, so we will share a cozy Christmas.

Until later,
God Bless.........

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Susan said...

Okay, I see I missed a post. This is so cool. It really shows up well on the post above.