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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just in the nick of time & A hole in the wall

I have to tell you all about our Sat. morning. We needed to get our Christmas tree and there is weather comin in. So we get going up the mountain in the jeep. It is a good morning, but there are clouds to the North. It is about an hour up to the tree line and about 1/2 way up we also found the snow line. Pretty soon the snow was about 2 feet deep off the road area, so we started looking for the right tree, pretty soon we found it. It is a bit to big for the jeep so we stuck it in as far as we could and headed down the mountain with about 4 feet of tree hanging out the back end.
We got home just in time, Kirk got the tree out of the jeep and this is what moved in. It began snowin and did not stop till sometime after night fall. This first picture is 15 minutes after we got home.

And this is how well one could see, you can't see our neighbors house over there behind the trees. Can you imagine coming down a mountain with a snow covered road (dirt road) in this stuff, it would have been hard to see where the road was.

Here is what we woke up to this morning. Most of this fell yesterday afternoon. And yes there is our tree, it will be ok, besides we are still remodeling so it can't come in yet.

Speaking of the remodel, today Kirk cut out the new door way. Here you can see where the old window was and where the new door way is going.

The opening is cut out and the bottom plate being removed

The old bedroom door has been moved to it's new location in the new bedroom, trim is up. Part of the trim work is done on the old window, now door. You can see the steps to the stairs leading up to the studio.

From the inside of the new bedroom. Again you can see the stairs that lead to the studio. What a difference this change has made. We are now connected to the new part of the house.

We also got the closet poles up, so now I can move our cloths over there. Tomorrow I will be cleaning the floors and getting ready to move in.

Ordered new material for curtains, it should be here tomorrow. More to come, see ya soon.


Susan said...

Love the ferny walls. You talked about it, but I didn't really visualize it well. This is a big milestone! Yay! That snow was cool - well, you know what I mean. =)

Jacob and Sarah said...

Hello Gail, I found your blog through google, I was looking up info on raw milk in Wyoming and found your butter post! :-) I just moved to Wheatland, Wyoming last month from the east coast. My husband grew up here, but it's new to me. We moved to a farm where we are going to try and do some small scale sustainable farming. We're working on acquiring a milk cow, we have some goats and the chickens arrive in feb! I was very encouraged by your blog and saw that you were interested in making soap (something I really want to learn). I would love to talk more with you via e-mail. I also have a blog, but with 3 young ones, it's hard for me to keep it updated! Keep in touch and have a Merry Christmas! Have fun decorating your tree! ~Sarah

Gail said...

Sarah, I hope you will look here for a reply, I have no other way to contact you. I would love to talk with you. Please leave your email so I can contact you. I won't allow it to be posted here.

Kate said...

Your place is looking lovely! It's fun to stop by every once in awhile to view the progress. We're snowed in this morning - 3rd snowstorm in as many days. How are you 2 faring?

Dena said...

Wow Gail, you must be excited! It looks great! Love reading your blog but I'm usually too lazy to log in to comment :)