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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pre Christmas Insanity

Have you ever noticed how insanity strikes just days before a major holiday or event/party?

Well it struck our house. Now mind you we had plans on doing this but I was pushing to wait until after the holidays. Our oldest daughter and family are coming for Christmas. Kirk has been talking about taking this wall down. It is the wall between our old bedroom and the rest of the house. All I can see it the mess and frankly I am cleaned out. I say ok, reluctantly, if he doesn't make a big mess.

Well I have to commend my hubby, he did not make a big mess, he was very careful, putting up plastic and removing the drywall in big chucks. No smashing demo.

This is from the bedroom side.

And from the living room side, where the computer sat.

A view from the kitchen of the wall.

With the drywall down, from the bedroom side.

Here is the room after the wall is down, beams put up and computer in its new temporary position. Sorry the pictures are so dark, to far a distance for the flash.

The kids will be here tomorrow, so I will be back after Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all, may your celebration of Jesus birthday be joyous.


Candi said...

Merry Christmas Gail! The room looks great! I'm sure the kids are there now so enjoy your visit.
lots of hugz:)

Gabriele said...

WOW, I can't believe the amount of work you've gotten done. It looks great!
Enjoy your kids and I hope you have a merry Christmas together!