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Monday, December 29, 2008

Before and After

Hi Friends, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas. We certainly did.

My last post was about taking down a wall at the last moment. Here I wanted to share the results of that action. First I want to apologize for the dark pictures, the flash on my little camera just does not do the job. Secondly, the before pictures are not recent, but taken about 2 years ago, they still give you an idea of how much things have changed and why I feel like I am rattling around in this new bigger space. LOL.

This first before is of the wall we took down, on the livingroom side, through the door you can see the old bedroom.

This is the new space, where the old bedroom was (new bedroom is through the door there).

Here is the same space from the kitchen area. Click on the picture for a large view and hopefully better detail.

This before is from the kitchen, you can see the old livingroom, and diningroom as well as the computer wall (which was removed).

Now the new space being used as kitchen and dining. The kitchen will be changed a bit in the future, but for now it is pretty spacious.

From another angle, the dining area which used to be our livingroom.

We are happy with this increase in space in alot of ways, though we have realize it is going to be alot harder to keep things as warm and we will be using more wood. Our little 800 sq feet was easy to heat, this new space, well you get the idea.

The extra space is wonderful for having company, at least now we can have dinner guests and have friends and family spend the night without having to get them a room elsewhere. It will be even better once we complete the upstairs next summer.

Hard to believe there is a new year just a few days away. So I want to wish you all a

VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Roxann said...

Hi Gail!

It's been a long time since I've visited you online. Your house is really nice and I like the changes you've made.

Drop in on my blog if you haven't been there in a while. We're still working on our house...going is slow these days. My husband does not like cold weather and is down in Louisiana for a little escape.


Gabriele said...

You've gotten so much accomplished and I know you're glad that part of the remodel is over so you finally can enjoy the space. 2009 should definitely be an easier year in that regard.
Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!

Susan said...

What a great change that makes. I know you will soon be accustomed to the space. =)

Franie said...

Love it! Love the color you chose on the wall--makes it so soothing along with all the wood. I really like your new home Gail.

Faye said...

I finally had a chance to look at your Blog of Wyoming. My husband and I studied it from the begining and we are sure you are no more than 1 hour south of us. We have a small piece of land 60 miles east of Cody and about 15 miles west of the Big Horns. Just south of the Pryors and about 40 miles north of Greybull. We are in the process of building and finding your blog a few months ago inspired me to start my own Big Horn Basin blog. You sound a lot like us....DIY as much as we can. We are currently in Minnesota and can't wait to get out for the same reasons you left CA. I'd like for you to look at my blog...it's short...for now. If you'd like to contact me, I'd love to visit via email. You can follow the links to my 2nd blog and onto my website. By they way...we appreciate the info for the cement man in Worland...we had our well dug through Newton in Worland. We enjoyed your building stories!

Faye said...

It would help if I gave you my blog link!