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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chinking Again

Slowly but surly we are getting back to work. All the hard work we did before Christmas, though it was way more then worth it, really kicked our behinds. LOL.

Two weeks ago, (now you see how lazy I have become) we worked on doing some more of the chinking that we neglected last time around. This corner used to be the livingroom, but is now the diningroom, so before putting furniture in place we decided to finish this up. The wall appears to be fine, but those dark lines are open spaces, nice homes for spiders, flies and what have you, not to mention dust. Plus it goes right through to the insulation.

We found this product at Bloedorn's (a local hardware store). It is a great product for chinking between the boards, of course it is made for chinking between logs. You can get it in several different colors, I wanted bright white.

To get it out of the bucket you need this metal gasket with the hole in the middle, you attach the big chinking gun to it and pull back on the handle (takes alot of muscle) to fill the gun.

Note: Do not leave your gasket in the bucket between chinking projects, it will rust and makes a bit of a mess in the bucket.

Here you can see the chinking gun, the tip comes off and that is where you screw it into the gasket. The tip has a rubber hose on it to direct the chinking where you want it. After Kirk put it in the opening, I came along and cleaned up the line with a plastic spoon. We tried several different processes for this and found the spoon to be easiest and it could be throw away at the end, saved on sour fingers as well.

The finished wall. We also did the ceiling in the bathroom that day. It may not seem like that big of a job but it is, alot of up and down the ladder, and squeezing the chinking out of the gun is hard on the hand and arm, (not something I would beable to do, it take muscle).

It won't be long now and we will be back at the upstairs. We fingure to begin about the 1st of March, as the weather becomes more stable. I have a new thing to share with you next week, it has to do with gardening..............Until then.

God Bless


Susan said...

That looks like fun. =) You are going to be snug and warm and homey upstairs and down. Log jam. That's funny!

Stacey Huston said...

Another Wyomingite! I know all about Chinking. My husband and I own a log home restoration co and have done A ton of chinking .. you chose the right product. Log Jam is the only way to go.. lasts the longest.