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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to Work on the Studio

We have begun work on the studio again. First we spent Sat before last finishing up the insulation. Then we ordered the wood for the floor............WAHOOOOO.

One of our neighbors helped us get a great deal on the flooring, but it was coming from Denver, shipping would have been $500.00. That almost stopped the deal, then the supplier said they would be coming to Casper and would only charge $150.00 shipping if we could meet them there. Casper is 3 hours (160 miles) south of us, (1/2 way to Denver). So last Wed we made a trip down to Casper, we also went to Home Depot and got the door for the stairwell, finish for the floors and went to Wally Mart.

The wood is already tongue and grooved, saving a ton of work. We have done this kind of work before in our old place, but we had to cut slots for biscuits and use screws to help hold it down.

This is half of the pile
of wood. Lengths range
from 12 to 14 feet, mostly
14 footers.

Here you can see the first run across the room. You may notice that the walls are not done yet and normally one does the walls first. We are going at this backwards for a reason. I need to get my longarm machine set up ASAP, I have clients that want some quilts done. So we are doing the floor, and then will work around the machine to do the walls when we get that wood. Yes the walls are going to be wood also..........I love, love wood......can you tell.

Another view to the other end, Rocky is such a helper (he is always in the way). Kirk is right about where the longarm will go.

Just a close up of the wood, it is pine and will remain light. I love the grain. It has so much movement and personality.

We worked Saturday and Sunday and this is where we stopped (below) so we could go down to the Easter egg hunt in town and have some well deserved rest and do some visiting.

You will notice a cut out on the upper left of the photo, that is where the hearth will go for the wood stove, we will be using rock and it will go up the wall there in the corner. My sewing table will go under the window at the left. The next cut out, (front left of the picture) is the door where we will put some kind of tile for the entry.

This is looking back toward the stairwell (the short walls), and the bathroom (door on the right). The small area on the other side of the stairs will be for scrapbooking, jewelry making and such.
Enlarge the picture by clicking on it to see it better. In this picture you can see the other half of the wood on the right spanning over the stair opening.

So about another day of laying the wood, then it gets sanded......well I will start the sanding before. Then the finish. We will get the wood for the walls at a later date, because..............

We also have to install the new water line to the house from the new town water system. Yes we are going to be able to stop hauling water, but first we have to hook up to the system which is slated to be finished sometime mid May. Alot to do this summer, as always.

It will take time to save up the money for this work, but that is how it will go, we can't put anymore on CC, as we are working to pay those off now from using them for all the work we did to get this far.

Thank you for stopping by, and for all your comments. I love visiting with other homesteaders.

Until later.

PS....I have had this wild idea...........should I write a book about our adventures? Would it be of value? Mind you I am only in the considering stage....LOL.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

WOW! You have done amazing work on your Studio. I LOVE your wood floors. The studio will be wonderful when you are finished with a wood stove.

Wakeboard Mama said...

Looking good...I would love to have a room like that!