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Friday, May 15, 2009

Studio Progress

Work has begun on the walls, we worked last Saturday on the walls of the studio. This is the south wall, I will be inside my own wooden box. LOL. It is so peaceful working up here, I find it hard to stay away (in fact I should be up there right now, quilting). I have this idea for the windows, how to cover them...........should the quilts for over the windows depict a pine tree or a cherry tree in bloom?? Envision a tree outside the windows, a huge tree, as if you were looking right into it or perhaps even inside it. Each window will depict a part of that tree, and even wrap around the bay, pine or cherry?? I was going to do a cherry but am leaning toward a pine. What do you think?

We had a little visitor for about 3 days. We rescued it from the dog and the cat. We are thinking the cat brought it home (kitten style) and then sat it down, the Rocky (the big 80 lb lab) had it in his mouth. He did not hurt it, in fact it was not hurt at all. So we brought it in and gave it a box with batting in it.

After it rested, I gave it some
lettuce, and it ate a little.

Next day it would not eat,
but that afternoon, I went out
and cut some grass and
that was the ticket, it ate and ate
then it got all hyper, even
escaping from its box.

I was so happy to see it
doing so well. As you can see,
it is the cutest little one.
Next day, I took it down to an area where there is alot of grass and alot of places to hide
and released it. I had to give it a nudge but finally it is back were it belongs and we
got to enjoy 3 days with it in our home.

Next up, making dandelion jelly.............................


Linda said...

It is looking good! Saving that bunny was sweet and lots of fun to do as well...


Moira said...

What a cute little visitor. How how well behaved your critters werel.